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Everybody Talks Numbers…Let’s Let Numbers Talk

In high school, numbers are our enemies. Algebra, geometry, and whatever comes after that (obviously, I didn’t get that far in high-school math) are despised like weekend chores and school lunches. At some point down the road however, the smart ones start paying closer attention to numbers. They change like an ugly duckling until numbers are what make our hearts race and pupils dilate. Maybe you’re not to that point yet. Maybe though, we can help you get there. Humor us and imagine you’re a business owner in Hawaii while we let the numbers talk:


That’s the number of registered internet users in Hawaii as of June 2010. In case you didn’t know, that’s just below 80% of the total population of Hawaii. 4 out of every 5 people in Hawaii are using the internet. What does that mean for you, the local business owner? Well, if you want to connect with your local customers, I know a pretty big platform where they gather every day.


Close to 1/3 of all registered internet users in Hawaii are doing locally based searches, that’s 378,527 if everyone doing them does just one a day. They’re looking for plumbers in Kaneohe, windshield repair shops in Waialua, and Saimin restaurants in Honolulu. Whatever you do as a business, don’t you think it’d be good to help those people who are looking for your services or products to find them?


We’ve all gone to the shoe store to try on shoes then ordered them from Amazon right? So we know it happens but you’d be surprised to know how often it doesn’t happen. Local searches result in local purchases approximately 90% of the time. In numbers, that’s 340,674 local purchases resulting from online searches daily. Let’s assume that your area of business, whatever it may be, accounts for a mere 0.01% of daily, local searches. That would mean there are 378 local searches done daily for your area of business. And finally, 340 purchases as a result of those daily searches. If you’re a business owner, you might find your eyes open a little wider and your heart beating just a bit faster by now. And if so, you’re perfectly normal.

See, numbers really are attractive.

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The Purpose of Life…

We’re all talking about Hawaii Web Designs life and purpose right? Just wanted to clear that up, although we do have some thoughts on the whole human life thing too; but that’s for another time. First off, HI Web Designs is short for Hawaii Web Designs. While not apparent to people outside of Hawaii, our logo uses the taro leaf to show our connection to Polynesia. We’re dedicated to helping the people of Polynesia and Hawaii specifically to reach their target audience through web design and marketing. Hawaii Web Designs main focus is to provide clean, user friendly, and easily maintained websites to the small businesses, organizations, and people of Hawaii and beyond.


There are so many websites today that are filled with clutter. We believe that a beautiful website isn’t just about what you put in it but also what you leave out (disclaimer, we got that idea from a Haugen Daaz commercial). In creating sites, we focus on our client’s message to make sure that it, above all else, is clearly communicated to all site visitors. Messages are shown through words, images, colors, and layout so it’s important to align a sites words, images, colors and layout with the values and image a company is trying to communicate.


Each website has a main purpose. Hawaii Web Designs makes sure that that purpose is easy to fulfill once on a website. Being user friendly then, means that our websites are intuitive. There’s no need to search page after page to find the information or function that visitors are searching for because that information or function is so easy to find. This concept connects closely with the idea of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication. Stripping away the unnecessary is the best way to help people find the meat of the message.


A majority of our sites are built on WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that allows people to update and make changes to their blog, website, or e-commerce site without knowing much if any coding. With WordPress updating a blog is as easy as logging in, clicking on Post, Add New, then typing or pasting in the text and images that make up the blog post.

Using WordPress enable Hawaii Web Designs to create both template and custom sites that can be maintained and updated by the clients we make them for. That’s a huge value as a lot of Hawaii’s, and the nations in general, small businesses don’t have the funds to continually pay a webmaster to update and make changes to their websites once they’ve been built. Hawaii Web Designs takes the time to show its clients how to perform the simple functions needed to update their website on their own while having the comfort of knowing that we’ll be there to help if needed.
Well, that’s the long and short of it…or probably the short of it because we could go into a lot more detail on each of those points if had the time to write it and you had the time to read it. But to finish, Hawaii Web Design focus on making clean, user friendly, easy to maintain websites for Hawaii’s small businesses, organizations, and people. That our message.



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