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Hawaii Web Design and Fonts

A lot of touristy Hawaii web sites have hokey, touristy fonts that conjure images of coconut bras, grass skirts, and Elvis with his slicked black hair leaning against a coconut tree at the PCC. I’m not too into those. However, we recently completed a series of beach towels for a local company where “Elvis” was our template customer and hokey Hawaii was in every picture and font we used. (i.e. –






While we’re grateful for the work and sure the towels will sell, it’s nice to move past the hokey.

To do so, I’ve been reading up on fonts in general with Ellen Lupton’s “Thinking With Type” (awesome book) and searching the web for cool fonts. Anyway, I recently came across this collection of pretty awesome (and free!) fonts at CreativeBloq.

Anyone who’s interested in design of any sort should take a look as your font’s often make or break the look of a website, magazine, packaging, or whatever else you’re working on. To download fonts, click on the orange title’s. Here are a few of my favorites:

 Before Breakfast

 Flex Display





Got past the Design Blues?

Coming up with great design ideas isn’t always the easiest.  Sometimes, clients have a clear idea of what they want and are able to express themselves clearly…but that’s a somewhat rare sometimes.  Most times, coming to an agreement on a design is a back and forth process that can take a while.  And most times, this can get frustrating for both sides.

One of the best ways to get around this is very simple.  Get great ideas from already existing, successful designs.  There are plenty of great design ideas out there and so long as you aren’t outright, stealing the design, there’s nothing wrong with using someones design as a template and building on or changing it to make it your own.

A great place to get your design brain running is Web Creme.  Web Creme has been around for years and is great about consistently updating their site with award winning web design complete with color schemes and links to the sites.




There are other sites out there just like web creme for every element of web design and development be it fonts, layouts, color schemes, coding and all it takes to find them is are a few quick Google searches.

The main point of this post though, is don’t feel like you have to come up with everything from scratch.  Whether you’re a client or a designer, somebody else has been in your shoes and has figured out a great solution so make use of it.  Even if it’s just to get your brain running.

How We Made Our Client $20,000 In a Weekend & Hawaii Online Marketing

Hawaii's local online marketing scene is still fairly undeveloped among small businesses, but it shouldn't be.  Local online marketing can be a gold mine.  In some cases, and depending on your business, it doesn't have to be limited to "local" either.  The main point of this story is as follows:

If you have a business with customers, your customers will come back more frequently if you keep in touch with them.  If you keep in touch with them, you'll make more money.  

Pretty straightforward stuff.  But also powerful.  There are various ways to keep in touch with clients but in this post we're focusing on email marketing and one client who sells olive oil.  

We started working with this client when they'd already been in business for years.  They make wonderful olive oils infusing herbs and citruses to create various, mouthwatering oils.  Anyway, we were working on a SEO campaign for the company, and as is often the case, we let them know that results don't typically come overnight.  

But being a business eager to see immediate results, we started to question them about other forms of marketing include SMS text, qr codes and landing pages, and of course, email marketing.  When questioned about email marketing, the owner said, "no, we don't really do much with email."  So we asked if he had an email list of clients.   "Yeah," he said, "we've actually got a good sized email list."

That was the understatement of the century.  They had a list of nearly 15,000 client emails…client emails, mind you.  All people who had made prior purchases.  Well that was all we needed to hear.

That week we put together an email featuring their newish spring flavor line and sent it out. on Friday morning.  By the day's end, we brought in $10,000.  Saturday brought in about $5,000.  Sunday also brought in close to $5,000.  In one weekend and with one email, we brought in nearly 20% of their yearly online sales.

Granted, that was kinda the perfect storm of email marketing situations.  It's not every day that you walk into an email list of pre-qualified customers 15,000 strong.  But the point remains, they were all willing to buy more oilive oil.  Most of them just needed to be contacted.

Now, you may not have a huge list to start with, but that doesn't mean you can't build one.  If you're a chiropractor, put a sign up in your front window offering a free adjustment every month to a random subscriber…all subscribers have to do is give you their email.  Take every chance you have to collect a customers contact info without being annoying.

How do I send this email, you ask?  Use a freemium sevice like Mail Chimp.  They offer a great, free email platform for small businesses and a paid service should you grow out of the free option.  You could even use Gmail…that's right, check out this awesome tutorial on sending mass, personalized emails in Gmail,  

There are various services you can use and incentives you can put in place.  What's important is that you start.  Email customers and clients often enough to peak their interest, but not so often they want to unsubscribe.  For a restaurant, maybe that means emailing coupon codes for cheap appetizers once a week.  For a Dentist, it may be a bi-weekly email that features helpful information on oral hygiene and teeth cleaning coupons.

You'll have to pick your content carefully and send as often as is appropriate.  But rest assured, if done right, you're clients will not only enjoy hearing from you, they'll look forward to it.

And so will your pockets.  

So remember Hawaii business, email marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with your clients and grow your business.



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